Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is like some backwards intervention

This head cold i have at the moment is seriously fucking with my moderately handsome addiction to fried chicken, alcohol and cigarettes.
To give you an idea since Tuesday I've only managed to accomplish 3 things..rolling over to drop my guts,
pealing my undies off and replacing them with a darker colour to hide the mistakes (outta site outta mind) and in 4 days only showering once.
i should be ashamed of myself.. but i'm not, i'm actually quite proud.
and by proud i mean worried. the only thing darker then my undies are my bed sheets
you think there's a resolve to this story, there isn't. im a bad, bad man.

it's been a while in between innings,haven't written a blog in 8 months. think i left you in Themes?
hate to cut ya lunch on a great story but we made it back.. we toured the South Island in Feb with
BOON and i haven't been able to party the same since. one of the best tours i've ever been on.
i feel that things have taken a turn for the worse..i've got long hair now. if i put my hair up in a pony tail i look like Steven Seagal. i exercise about as much as he does to so my forearm is rippppped. so pretty much rock bottom. haha such a depressing return.

Feb tour w/ boon -

i see in my blogging absence bands are using Pledge Me to raise funds for a touring mish atm while i respect any band that tours, Pledgeme buzzes me right out.
so fuck, here's a few helpful money saving tips that Pledgeme wont teach you:

 ** Never pay for accommodation. take a tent. if the venue cant suss you accom see if you can sleep at their house, their neighbours house, a family friends house or even just ask some drunk cunt over the mic. push comes to shove just sleep in the car or try ya luck at getting laid - take someone else too she's probably got a couch. or a thirst. or the boyfriend.
either way it's not worth shelling out the 200$

** $5 per diems are best spent at the supermarket. save your lunch for dinner and your dinner for breakfast. it's how it works. doggie bag shit.
if ya feelin flash pick your favourite bandmate an go to subway, get a foot long of whateverthefuckyalikeit'syourday.

** Take 1 vehicle, fuck spending double on petrol.

** Don't deny anyone on the door, if they cant pay the skrilla to get in see what else they have. drugs are mint, flick them off for money. or take them, fuck it who cares, saves the issue of not finding accom.

One thing that i feel has to be addressed in the local Dunedin music scene at the moment is the lack of young musicians getting on the sauce. maybe it's cos i'm not part of this cool hip ..nah man what the fuck were they teaching you guys in school?
is it just at the gigs you guys dont drink? whats the story?
 MALES, TRICK MAMMOTH, A DISTANT CITY, ASTRO CHILDREN i'm talking to you guys. whats up? this is like some backwards intervention.
it wasn't Uncle aeroplane mate Mark was it?

shit check out mums bark! GEDDOWT
don't let that put you off guys,  if anything Mark did them all a favour, in the event of an earthquake that cupboard would've toppled over now they know to fasten it. so...  nice one booze.. shot Mark
I'm joking relax, well kinda. it is a genuine concern i have with ya'll
bring back Kane Strang, brohammer could drink.

i forgot what i was here to do anyway..but yeah we've got a few shows coming up.
we're playing Invercargill on the 4th October.

and the next night in Dunedin at Queens on the 5th October. with Prophet Hens and Astro Children. line up is still being firmed up but we'll be getting word out there pretty soon. we've got more then an afternoon to practice this time too so expect a new set list with more obscure tracks off  Do You Just Want Me To Watch You?

good to clear out the cobwebs though, fuck it's been too long without writing anything. this one suffered a bit but fuck it. head cold, sober. haven't written in 8 months. probably should have stayed that way.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"we'll arrest you if you keep long jumping" - Whanganui Police

the all ages Palmy North gig got a sweet noise complaint from some lady down stairs who apparently dialed it in an then pretty much went home.
the gig was sweet though, the four bands who played before it went pear shaped were sweet. good buzz for the young bands to play a gig though. we've always had buzzy experiences in Palmy.. so neither Brown or Alizarin got to play.
dude held his mates tom for their whole set haha.
drove straight through after the gig to a place called Rata, just out side of Hunterville. i have know idea where that is either. stayed in this awesome lady called Georgie's house. she ran the venue Lucky that we were supposed to play the next night but something cropped up an she had to go to Wellington at late notice so that show was cancelled.. she let us crash at her house though for a few days while she was down there which was awesome considering none of us had met before. she had a projector an shit, so rad. set our gear up an had a practice in her lounge.. hope that was sweet. now we know how to play our songs again though so thanks.

sweet house

lillykongrom an i have taken our darts on the road, I'm beating him in the national touring championship 2-0..

Brown practicing at Georgies house

Space Monster the next night. we've been here 4 times now maybe? Jack is one of the best people to have running a venue ever, he's super into it. definitely one of my favorite venues in the country. We started about an hour earlier then we should have, bit of a blow out on our behalf..had we had another band supporting we would've been seedaz but cant win them all.
During the last 3 songs about 30 people came through the door which you cant really charge people for but fuckit - it turned into a great party. a few Rollerblade babes showed up an muscled their way around. such variety in Whanganui haha..

 we had this great midnight long jump competition outside the front of Space Monster which ended up getting the attention of the cops, who swooped in with 3 cars an threatened to arrest us if we didn't stop "the long jumping" haha another top cop moment was when one of them told PC to stop drinking because of the liquor ban area, to which PC replied that it was sparkling water. to every one's amazement it actually was just sparkling water. Ive known that dude for over 10 years now an Ive never seen him drink water while on the razz, glitch in the matrix man.
Jack ended up beating bugs in the championship, we were all hammered, went upstairs an laughed about stupid shit for way too long..

this might've been the winning jump.

woke up an went an had breakfast in town with Jack an his girlfriend, got back on the road an headed to Raglan to play at the Yot Club.

this gig was fuckn sweet, they have Sunday Sessions there were everyone gets together an parties from 4pm onwards at the Yot Club, so we set up, got back on the sauce an played to a bunch of hammered tourists. they ate that shit up so that was sweet. Vodka G&T's man I'm telling you, Eddie Guerrero that shit.

caught up with our mates Jared Smith and Joe Little who came over from Hamilton, an absolute treat. they'll be playing with us in Hamilton.

 i woke up in a kitchen to the sound of someone feeding a kune kune pig out their back door that next morning. we stayed in someones house we'd never met until that morning..second time that's happened this week.. it was sweet as though, hung out with the animals for a bit then back to raglan to load out..

did the mish to Bugs' home in Katikati, couple of stop some ribs, lilly stretched the torso..

now we're at Bugs', everyone having a spa while i write this, cry me a river aye.

Thames - Speakeasy is tonight's show, last time we played there we got shutdown by Freemasons and asked to come round for breakfast by homeless people. think we have acom sorted. nice


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dunedin to Wellington mish

buzzy start to the tour.
we got jacked up on V, left Dunedin at 11pm Sunday night an ended up in Wellington 4:30 pm Monday afternoon. 15 hours? we did it with about 2 or so hours sleep. Logan grommed out in a park in Picton.. this is maybe 9am waiting for the ferry, those were long hours man..

that muck lurking in the shadows. he's a predator
that whole episode was fucked actually.. we didn't end up playing on the ferry in the end, they were booked with some christian rock band who were over passionate and fucking terrible to listen to. i spent most of the boat trip having a public crywank and sending Paul (what i thought) were funny txts. something Titanic related.. but we essentially got a free pass. seedaz

Wellington has been great so far, crashing at a friends flat in Newtown in this great kinda old school house with high ceilings, wooden floors, big doors, a spa pool and patio out back.. used to be a brothel.
 im not sure when this blog turned into a Home an Garden magazine but we'll run with it. Thanks Cara/Sarah and flatmates for putting up with us
skinny an bugs are staying at Tony Landers place up the road. dude rules.
Tony Lander
played last night at Mighty. had trouble with promotion, the posters only arrived yesterday which isnt cool..considering i sent them 2 Saturdays ago.. shit like that does nobody any favours..but we somehow still had a crowd. played with The Blue Onesies who are just great.
I got back on the Milford Classics again last night which are very basically Vodka Gin an tonics. 17$ a pop...nothing like waking up in the morning with that sinking feeling of regret, remembering how you must have confused yourself with Jay-Z  again and thought you were able to afford that shit last night.
to be fair its easily done, i blame my current relationship with alcohol on that dude. we share the same lips, all i have to do is catch myself in the reflection of a glass. combine that with a darkish room and im fucked.
the baracuda is when you wake up and notice you still have drink tokens in ya pocket..

here's out latest single Hipster
its part 1 of a 3 part picture, i wont say any more then that it'll spoil it but Alex Lovell-Smith, who came up with the concept and shot it, is a bit of a genius.

we're selling them at shows, the single comes with live versions of songs off Weekend and Oh, Colour as well

while we're on that note, brown have released a new album. the cover cracks me up, look at Paul haha. i look like i need a weight attached to my lower back to balance my face.

still would though.

shits all go here, its just started to rain in Wellington an im upset about it. we're packing outta Mighty in an hour an a half then off to Palmerston North to play an all ages gig. gotta love that shit. il come back when ive got something at least interesting to say


woa this is the 100th Blog ive written. out of it

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tour drop and a couple of words on each of these gigs

so we're going back out on the road for the summer to release a couple of singles in support of the next album

Dunedin psych-pop quartet Alizarin Lizard will release their second full length album titled 'Do You Just Want Me To Watch You?', on February 1st 2013. There will be two singles released for the tour, which will each contain a nice unique wee bundle of audio and visual goodies designed by Alex Lovell-Smith and Alizarin Lizard. Both singles will be available at every show for free with a pre-order of the new album.
Do You Just Want Me To Watch You? will be released in New Zealand by Banished
 from the Universe and digitally through It was produced, and mixed by Andrew Straight and Alizarin Lizard with mastering done by Tex Houston (3ds, The Clean). Recording took place sporadically over a 3 year period at locations in Dunedin and Invercargill.

Currently spread between Auckland and Dunedin, Brown are coming together to tour their latest parcel of songs "[Name Withheld] - [Title Pending]". Brown are wheeling their interim EP and self-awareness sideshow through some of their favourite towns, hawking stories about awkwardness at parties, neglected coffee tables and peddling determinism as an excuse for shirking responsibility.


w/ Brown

wed 5th - Mighty Mighty - Wellington w/ The Blue Onesies
thurs 6th - Bad Cave - Palmerston North w/ -52, Nausea, Reclusia & Dranos (All Ages)
fri 7th - Lucky - Hunterville
sat 8th - Space Monster - Whanganui
sun 9th - Yot Club - Raglan
tues 11th - Speakeasy - Thames
wed 12th - Eggsentric - Whitianga
thurs 13th - Static - Hamilton
fri 14th - Cassette 9 - Auckland w/ Gang Violins & Space Creeps
sun 16th - Funky Fish - Baylys Beach


w/ Boon & Oleh

mon 7th - Blue Duck - Milford Sound
tues 8th - Redcliff - Te Anau
thurs 10th - Mint Bar - Wanaka
fri 11th - Cook Saddle - Fox Glacier
sat 12th - Blue Ice - Franz Josef
sun 13th - Town Hall - Barrytown
mon 14th - Weka Club - Karamea
thurs 17th - Paradox - Nelson
fri 18th - The Playhouse - Mapua w/ The Inverts
sat 19th - Roots Bar - Takaka

w/ Brown

wed 20th - Darkroom - Christchurch w/ The Laon
thurs 21st - Refuel - Dunedin
fri 22nd - Tillermans - Invercargill w/ Tiedye & Rails Rails Rails
sat 23rd - Long Room - Riverton

more supports to be announced!

Alizarin Lizard

Press Contact: Paul Cathro - 0221926821




Twitter: http://


 i did this last time but it was fun so im gonna do it again.. just gonna give my thoughts on a big gig by gig gay basis.. get yaself a cup of coffee cos this is gonna take a while.

right, sorted?

w/ Brown 

wed 5th - Mighty Mighty - Wellington w/ The Blue Onesies : always a bit of a demon pack in, we like to drive down to the front door of mighty..which isn't a road, more of a walkway so there's always a lot of table juggling an buzzing out public. especially after this guy did this.

see what im sayin?
Mighty's toasted sandwiches are pretty banging an we never seem to leave that place until the sun comes back up.. always great to catchup with Sally and The Blue Onesies as well. i like Wellington, it cracks me up how everyone dresses like they're in a band.

 thurs 6th - Bad Cave - Palmerston North w/ -52, Nausea, Reclusia & Dranos (All Ages) : never been to Bad Cave. last time we played Palmerston North  was at the Royal Hotel. we played to 4 people.
2 of which who paid. some spazmo dude with tattoos kept trying to impress us..or his girlfriend or maybe that was his minder? by doing his best Pantera impressions.
shit, actually to top that night off we had to sing karaoke next door to the owner of The Royal to get keys to our accommodation upstairs.
place is fucked
looking forward to a change of venue there though, all ages gig too.

fri 7th - Lucky - Hunterville :  never played, always exciting to play somewhere different.
sat 8th - Space Monster - Whanganui : one of my favorite venues in NZ. it's BYO and good times. slept in the venue last time after the gig. Shipsy sleep walked outside or someshit during the early hours of the morning and managed to lock himself outside while in his undies. i dunno how you do that, i didn't ask and he didnt tell.
sun 9th - Yot Club - Raglan : everyone loves the Yotty. the owner Pete is a legend  best not to go any further then that.
tues 11th - Speakeasy - Thames : The Freemasons were having a meeting a few meters up the road that night when we played there earlier this year. best believe we got shut down 1/2 way through the gig. sweet as. 
wed 12th - Eggsentric - Whitianga : cant wait to go back here, Dave who owns it is an incredibly supportive guy. he let us stay in his house the days that we had no where to stay and didn't think anything of it. I've still got his lighter which im looking forward to giving back to him. he also hires German girls to work at his bar.

we're all thinking it.

thurs 13th - Static - Hamilton : Hamilton's always buzzed me out but fuckit, Static is cool venue. played there with Die Die Die last tour. we bumped into some grogan during pack out who was going around beating people up for their hats and taking them as trophies, which he would then wear around his belt. dick.
on the plus side its not every day that you wake up and hang out with a donkey

Oleh's donkey, Joshua. hes cool
fri 14th - Cassette 9 - Auckland  : sweet as. party time. playing with our friends Felix of an Emerald City's new band Sheperds of Cassinni. Skinny lives in Auckland now so i think we'll have a party on our 'day off' the following Saturday. catchup with some friends. sleep in?
shit yeah, Mt Eden.sun 16th - Funky Fish - Baylys Beach : a definite highlight of our last tour, not much else needs to be said when you get to hangout on beaches like this

in front of cacti like this
an getting to play in the sun like this
They booked us in for this gig about a year ago to celebrate their 12th Birthday. shit it's gonna be great. 


w/ Boon & Oleh
Boon is a band that i play in with Seedy and Callum from Left or Right. just a bit of fun, but im afraid that this leg of the tour with these guys is probably going to turn me off alcohol for good, what would i do with all that spare time i usually spend being hungover? i dont even wanna think about it

mon 7th - Blue Duck - Milford Sound - basically from what i gather the only people who live in Milford are the people who drive the boats or work at the restaurant bar. last time i was there i was found to be laughing by myself at 4 in the morning on the floor of a hallway in their big ol house of residence..  by someone who i hadnt even met the night before at the gig.. she told me about it as i was packing out the next idea haha. also seen someone choke slam them self WWF style off the top of a picnic table into shrubbery/ side of the building in an attempt to impress some babes/ get laid haha.
tues 8th - Redcliff - Te Anau -  Logan an i always get a side of mussels, the place is legendary. it's this amazing wee restaurant that turns into a party when the sun goes down. you play in an area about the size of a small kitchen. woke up in the back of the Transit last time we played there and i got off lucky, the owners of the venue apparently came back to where we were staying, woke everyone up and and started partying by pouring vodka/tequila into everyone's mouths while they were still in their sleeping bags/ beds an shit. mental

thurs 10th - Mint Bar - Wanaka -cool place, ive only played there once. we drunk so much of our rider in Gin that they decided to flag the rest an just keep giving us Gin. Logan an I celebrated the end of last tour by getting naked an throwing ourselves into the lake at some stupid hour of the morning, paul got lost and bugs went off climbing trees. the venues below a backpackers so.. yeah

fri 11th - Cook Saddle - Fox Glacier - best ribs in the country. first time we played there we didnt have anywhere to stay, it was midnight and we were in the middle of a west coast storm.. so with the help of a bottle of courage we slept out on the venues deck,  must have been like 7 of us?
 i celebrated my birthday last time we played here too. fuck. not gonna go into it.
cant wait to eat those ribs.
sat 12th - Blue Ice - Franz Josef - tourist town, games of pool and some sexy but icy bar maid.. ..fitting.
lots of drinking. seems to be a running theme but it's the west coast, Franz is only 20 mins up the road from fox anyway..

sun 13th - Town Hall - Barrytown -  if you've ever been there then you'd know

 mon 14th - Weka Club - Karamea -  Pat and Kathy are the people that used to run Oamaru's Penguin Club, they've since moved up to Karamea and i think the deal is we're playing at their house/ venue? not sure, i cant wait to shake Pats hand an give Kathy a big hug. absolute legends

thurs 17th - Paradox - Nelson - never been to paradox, but it'll be sweet. Nelsons always a tricky place to play
fri 18th - The Playhouse - Mapua w/ The Inverts -  Roley from The Taliband (an old Dunedin band) has this sweet venue,previous times we've always played The Tap in Mapua, which is a great place but have decided to alternate between the two places. Roley also has a backyard cricket setup with lights that you can play late at night too so..fuck, no brainer
sat 19th - Roots Bar - Takaka -  it's like a micro brewery an they do 3 berry cider. 2 of those and you're anybodies. a great bar to round off the January West Coast tour.

w/ Brown

wed 20th - Darkroom - Christchurch w/ The Laon - ive heard The Laon are great, this Korean dude plays a keytar for fucks sake, how can you beat that? never played Darkroom before but heard good things.
thurs 21st - Refuel - Dunedin - home coming gig, played here end of last month an the fire alarm went off..soo unfortunate.
 looking forward to it, for both brown and alizarin. please no wrestling moves on Paul this time, in fact if Jamie Green wears a Ray Mysterio mask to this gig il actually buy him a drink

fri 22nd - Tillermans - Invercargill w/ Tiedye & Rails Rails Rails - Logans looking to get the tri-fector at this gig. last time we played there he dislocated his shoulder, the time before that he got punched in the head by the venues bouncer, what will he do next!
i hope rails rails rails bring some 
sat 23rd - Long Room - Riverton - its hard to get any more "down south" then playing riverton, in basically an extra long shed too. it was great last time, looking forward to hopefully eating some seafood.

if you're really bored heres a link to our previous tour blog
The Weekend Went Without You Tour (January 2012)  - that's a 42 date epic so if you've got the time. give it a crack

that's pretty much it though, looking forward to getting outta Dunedin and spending summer else where, if you're in any of the towns an wanna catchup lemme know, or just come to the gig.

keep upto date with it by Attending it on facebook


Monday, October 22, 2012

gig details, PC's broken wrist and the album

fuck this..been in bed all day with bipolar themed weather outside and a head cold that feels like im being headfucked by a bag of sherbet.
kinda like how ya mate looks

great start, picking on a dead person

ive been eating so much of this seaweed salad stuff lately, at least 1/2 a packet which is way more then you're supposed to im sure
 im really not sure whats supposed to happen next though. i hope its good for me, i hope im not allergic to it. It's comes from the sea..
can i eat so much of it that il dehydrate over night and wake up looking like something PC's had his way with for an evening?
if that happens will i still be able to have an open cask funeral?
where does he hide all the bodies?

wait what?

 most of you'll know this but Paul recently got pushed over at the back of a restaurant and fractured his wrist so the Alizarin/Brown gig we'll have either Andrew Straight, Theo Francis (or both) on guitar for the night while Paul takes care of the vocals. same goes for the guitar overdubs on the album.
he'll be fine for the tour. there are a bunch of plans in place at the moment just gotta finalize a few wee nuggets an then we'll be sweet to go. mostly regarding the December tour
we've decided for the first time to go for a photo for the CD cover, by the super talented Alex Lovell-Smith. check out his website HERE
he's fuckn incredible. he got PC an myself involved a few photos for this project he's doing at the moment which got me thinking why havn't we had this guy involved yet?

The 10-13 tracked album will be titled -" Do you just want me to watch you? "
sexy/perverted/dirty. suits the album

i recently went through my phone and found a bunch of shit so here's a video of us learning the new track Hipster

and for your enjoyment PC and Sam having a front-man off to some chilly peppers on Saturday night, i had to pretend to txt while recording them so they wouldn't notice.

If anyone's after any Transit auto parts Logans set up a lucrative auto parts business selling bits from his old Ford Transit. it's seen a few tours. you should be able to get wasted from just looking at the upholstery but everything is in good nik. he's also dealing in bugs' old Subaru wagon for parts.
if interested, click Logan's Lucrative Auto Parts Business.
im completely serious. jk's nz is a desperate one

Andy recording Logans keys at the Fea
.. too right


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

recording pics and a bit of Jeff Ross

we finished recording the new songs a few weeks ago, woke up at 2am and went down to the attic at 3, set up by 3:30am, bugs surprised us with a cheeky bottle of gin! so we cracked that beauty at 4am, songs and bottle finished by 8am and we were outta there by 9am before shops down stairs opened. it was horrific and quite fucked up but it had to be done as bugs was leaving a few days later.

TUCKered out

we showed our video at the pint night refuel gig a couple of weeks ago, i think people dug it

the making too if you havnt seen it

im a bit tuckered out atm, went to the dentist today. ive got a million things to get done which would usually  suck only if i didnt have the most gorgeous dentist ever. considering knocking out my front row just to get a few more sessions out of it.
whats his name you ask? haha fuck you is his name
nah im stoked, they're always usually shit or doods

if you've been living under a bridge for the past 24 hours check this out
It came from The Attic
it's a free download / compilation of new unreleased material from Dunedin bands at this current point in time.
Pauls other band Fat Children feature, as well as Paul and I's Brown

not safe for work, but jeff ross is awesome

a bit of a plug but i play down at Bennu in a low key covers band called The DC Boon Trio (with callum and seedy of left or right). we cover The Bill and East Enders intros,a bit of Ray Charles.. humor mixed lite dining music. come down it's free entry. buy a pizza and byo beers/wine. if you wanna score a babe this is definitely the way to do it haha
6:30 - 9:30 Wednesday nights


the ol 'old banana' gag aye